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Latest Announcements

Essentials of Research Administration (ERA)

The 2020 ERA Series schedule is available for registration at https://ora.msu.edu/train.  


CHAIR: Tara Miller; Communication Arts and Sciences


SPROUT Executive Committee Representatives







Agriculture & Natural Resources, Agricultural Experiment Station, & Extension Lynn Richardson Administrative Assistant III 109 Justin Morrill Ag. Hall 884-7895 lynnr@msu.edu
Agriculture & Natural Resources, Agricultural Experiment Station, & Extension Lori Bramble Senior Research Administrator 109 Justin Morrill Ag. Hall 884-7896 Bramble2@msu.edu
Arts & Letters Barbara Miller Research Administrator 302 Linton Hall 353-4939 bmiller@msu.edu
Business CONNECT Tina Ramos Sponsored Programs Administrator 325 E. Grand River Suite 375 884-2365 ramostin@msu.edu
Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) Lynn Mande Clinical Research Operations Administrative Manager 909 Fee Rd, Rm B510 432-9899 mandelyn@msu.edu
Communication Arts and Sciences Tara Miller Research Administrator 202 CAS Bldg


Contract & Grant Administration (CGA) Evonne Pedawi Assistant Director 426 Auditorium Rd, Rm 2 884-4272 pedawi@cga.msu.edu
Education Jeannie Patrick Director - ORA 209 Erickson Hall 432-0815 patric38@msu.edu
Eli Broad College of Business Cindy Majeske Research Manager N116 North Business College Complex 432-0694 majeske@bus.msu.edu
Engineering Alex Delavan Director, Div of Engr Research 2527 Engineering Bldg   alexd@msu.edu
MSU Extension          
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) Susan Hopper FRIB Fiscal Officer 640 South Shaw Ln 355-9672 ext. 680 hopper@frib.msu.edu
Honors College Justin Micomonaco Academic Specialist - Research 105 Eustace-Cole Hall 355-2326 micomona@msu.edu
Human Medicine Jourden VanArsdall Research Administrator East Fee Hall 432-4789 vanars13@msu.edu
International Studies and Programs (ISP) Carrie Hatcher Proposal & Finance Administrator 207 International Ctr 355-2350 hatche34@msu.edu
James Madison College Lynn Lee Director of Finance 368 S Case Hall 884-7723 leely@msu.edu
Kuali Coeus Research Administration Project (KC) Marc Melton Preaward Workgroup Lead 4700 S Hagadorn Rd, Ste 200 884-3981 meltonm2@msu.edu
Law Richard Lameti Chief Financial Officer 368E Law College Bldg 432-6813 ext. 107 lameti@law.msu.edu
Lyman Briggs College TBD        
Music Tammy Hoebecke Budget and Personnel Director 149 Music Bldg 355-1811 hoebecke@msu.edu
Natural Science Judy Brown Director, CNS Office of Research Support 103 Natural Science Bldg 355-8460 jfedewa@msu.edu
Office of Regulatory Affairs Rebecca Gore HRPP Manager 205 Olds Hall 355-2181 gorer@ora.msu.edu
Office of Regulatory Affairs Judy McMillan HRPP Manager 104 Olds Hall 432-4502 mcmill12@ora.msu.edu
Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Katie Cook Director  426 Auditorium Rd, Rm 2 884-4237 farrkat1@osp.msu.edu 
Osteopathic Medicine TBD        
Residential College in Arts & Humanities Lori Lancour Administrative Assistant C210 Snyder Hall 355-0211 lancour@msu.edu
Sponsored Programs Administration Erin Schlicher Project, Data, Training & HR Manager 426 Auditorium Rd, Rm 2 884-4269 schlic11@osp.msu.edu
Social Science Sara Allison Administrative Assistant II 203 Berkey Hall 432-0860 alliso53@msu.edu
Undergraduate University Division NONE        
Veterinary Medicine Colette Grace Zulu Research Administrator II G371 Veterinary Medical Ctr 432-2387 zulugrac@msu.edu
VP for Research and Graduate Studies Melissa Buell Administrative Assistant III 249 Administration Bldg 432-3773 buellm@msu.edu


Latest Announcements

Essentials of Research Administration (ERA)

The 2020 ERA Series schedule is available for registration at https://ora.msu.edu/train.